AV System Integration

Datasat adds DTS:X RS20i for an immersive home theatre experience

Fri, 11 Aug 2017 14:10

Datasat RS20i

Datasat Digital Entertainment®, a leader in audio processing technologies for high- end home audio and professional cinemas, recently announced the availability of DTS:X® object-based surround sound for the venerable Datasat RS20i audio processor.

DTS:X creates an immersive three-dimensional soundstage through the addition of overhead speakers. These sounds are treated as objects with attached metadata that generates the accurate placement of sounds in the listening environment. Audio characteristics such as dialogue, musical scores, explosions, and other common sound effects come alive creating a more immersive experience and inspire greater engagement in the movie from audience members.

This long-awaited upgrade to the RS20i is a result of Datasat engineers’ diligence, expertise, and perfectionism. The upgrade provides an additional option in object- based surround sound for Datasat dealers to meet consumer needs and their preferences for 3D and immersive sound in new installations and retrofit projects. Dealers can easily update the RS20i for DTS:X on existing units with the addition of an upgrade card or through software updates for those that already have the upgrade card addition.

Chuck Gerlach of AcousticSolutions recently previewed a beta version of the DTS:X upgrade in his home theater and called it an eye, or rather, ear-opening experience. “It presented the very best audio I have ever heard from my home theater—and by a long shot,” he says.

Gerlach previewed London Has Fallen, a popular action movie he says he’s viewed many times. “Listening to it with DTS:X through my RS20i audio processor was a whole new experience. It’s easy to hear the superior dynamics in the gunshots, explosions, and big crashes. DTS:X really does increase the envelopment in the film.”

“Now that the Datasat RS20i and LS10 processors both include Atmos and DTS:X, you can experience incredible improvements in sound quality and immersion that only Datasat can deliver,” says Datasat executive vice president of operations, Robert McKinley.