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Savant unveils reimagined Trueimage

Mon, 11 Sep 2017 23:45

Savant TrueImage

Savant, a leader in smart home technology, has announced the release of their next generation TrueImage lighting software, forever changing the way homeowners interact with their smart home ecosystem. TrueImage uniquely leverages Savant's patented virtual lighting concepts allowing users to experience virtual lights in any room on their mobile devices. Users can easily change dimming levels and RGB colours simply by tapping the virtual light. TrueImage greatly reduces lighting complexity and takes home automation to a different level. And it's fun!

Savant's revolutionary control of lighting with TrueImage for mobile devices also works with Savant touch screens and the Savant Pro Remote. TrueImage users can see, touch, control and dim the light from any Savant control system interface directly from the photographic image, updating the colour and dimness setting of the light as a visual reference on the interface screen in real time. Once a photo has been taken and stored, all user interfaces in the system update automatically, including the Savant Pro App, touch screens and remotes, saving valuable time for the integrator.

The intuitiveness and cool factor of Savant TrueImage will help integrators generate excitement during the sales process and deliver an experience their clients will adore. Users and integrators can use a mobile device to photograph the light, press the button and TrueImage software takes care of the rest.

To take full advantage of this new interface, Savant is also introducing a new line of coloured smart bulbs and LED light strips. These products will be available from Savant Authorized Integrators and will be far less costly than the coloured lighting solutions currently available in the custom technology market.

“TrueImage reflects our mission to deliver the best smart home user experience through ongoing innovation unavailable anywhere else. This new interface brings, even more, value to automated lighting for Savant,” stated Savant CEO Robert Madonna. “TrueImage is unlike any other control solution and will enable integrators to differentiate themselves when presenting smart home solutions to their prospective clients.”

Savant’s new TrueImage lighting control software will be on display in San Diego at CEDIA and will begin shipping in October 2017.