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CEDIA Boot Camp comes to South Africa

Mon, 02 Oct 2017 17:47

CEDIA is offering a five-day training programme in Johannesburg from 16 20 October:


Essential technical and professional skills for installers

Moving into smart home installation requires a wide range of knowledge. New installation technicians need a strong grounding in both personal and technical subjects. The course will provide attendees with the essential training in the typical maths, science and electronics installers will have to utilise within the home technology industry. Attendees will explore the key techniques for audio, video and network calculations, and will also explain the electrical theory that is included. The course will discuss on-site behaviours and best practices; subjects such as personal conduct, attire, transportation and tools are explored in detail. Tools, techniques and general site workings will be illustrated too.

Cables, connectivity and structured wiring workshop

The need for a proper cabling infrastructure is essential in any custom installation project. Most homes provide little of the wiring needed for true system integration. This workshop will show attendees the various cables and connectors used in integrated residential systems, and demonstrate how to build a future-ready wiring environment. Attendees will learn how to terminate, test and certify the wiring installation.

This is an interactive workshop with practical exercises using a range of tools, test and certification equipment, giving attendees the vital hands-on experience required to advance their skill set and industry knowledge.

The course will prime attendees to the level required to pass the scientific elements of the ESC-T certification exam.

Basic wired and wireless networking

IP networking is arguably the most important topic in the home technology industry. This course provides an introduction to the Internet Protocol (IP), and it's place in residential networks. This course is ideal for both beginners and individuals looking to learn, formalise and increase their IP networking knowledge. This course is the vital primer for those studying for the ESC-T certification exam.

Audio, video and RF systems for installers

For many installers, audio and video represent a large percentage of each project. RF systems can be used to deliver a wide range of content into the home including broadcast TV, satellite TV and radio. This course brings together these fascinating topics to deliver the ideal grounding for installers of up-to-date home entertainment.

Audio and video

Aimed at new AV technicians and experienced installers from other electronic industries, this session contains the vital technical information, basic design principles and the installation practices required. Topics covered include design and installation practices for highest fidelity, the basics of home cinema setup and calibration basics.

RF Systems

RF distribution offers a wide range of signal distribution possibilities covering radio and TV, in both analogue and digital formats. Modern digital TV services mean a single coax cable can offer more than 100 channels of entertainment, including HD broadcasts.

Many homes already have some coax installed, and this course explains, in detail, how coax can be used to move signals around the home, how signals from various sources can be combined and distributed around the home, and how installers can ensure robust performance from a coax network.

Rack building and wiring fundamentals

Racks are now an integral element of many custom installations. Pre-planning and standardisation can ensure every rack is given the time and attention required to result in a tidy, and serviceable solution. This course will provide attendees with the clear, structural methodology required for rack building from planning through to future servicing. The course will explore the best practices, the importance of wiring choices and standardisations which can be applied to projects of all sizes.

Attendees can expect to gain a deeper understanding of the different types of racks, and how to apply the correct knowledge for overcoming issues with equipment placement, wiring, connectivity and rack build as a whole.

CEDIA is the international trade organisation for the home technology industry with nearly 3,700 member companies worldwide. Built upon a strong volunteer foundation, CEDIA provides access to industry-leading education, certification, research and raises consumer awareness.

Established in the USA in 1989, CEDIA is the leading global authority in the industry. The Association serves as the go-to home technology source for consumers and professionals alike.

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