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Christie Digital AVenue out now and ready to unwrap

Tue, 12 Dec 2017 13:17

2017 has been a busy year, so there’s plenty to read and see in the Christmas Edition of AVenue. We visit the ghosts of Christmas past - those shows and events that have made an impression on us and taking a look at what made them special, and memorable.

We go on the road with The Ehrlich Brothers, possibly Germany’s funkiest magicians – and certainly among the most popular. Their stadium shows are something to behold, mixing traditional illusion with state of the art projection.

And if you’re hoping to unwrap anything computer related this Christmas, our article on gaming is a good read. As the value of the market increases, we speculate what might happen if it goes truly mainstream and becomes a spectator sport.

Then there’s AVenue’s traditional Christmas quiz, a light-hearted trip down some of AV’s more obscure streets and a chance to prove just how much of a Gear Guru you are.

Finally, because this should be a time for looking forward as well as back, AV Magazine’s Editor Clive Couldwell give us his own – highly informed - view on what 2018 and beyond may hold for us all.

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