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Electrosonic empowers young learners at SDC

Thu, 14 Dec 2017 09:44

It was with enthusiasm that Electorosonic SA CEO, Bruce Genricks, his PA Claire Sutton and marketing manager Terry Bourquin met with an enrolment of students at the new premises of the Skills Development Corporation (SDC) in Johannesburg earlier this year. Electrosonic again employed another group of ten young black, male and female, disabled and unemployed South African learners.

The students were lead through their induction by the SDC’s sourcing specialists, Steveliano Symons and Mark Simmons, to start their year of Business Administration studies.

The Skills Development Corporation is a level 2 contributor with 51% black female ownership. SDC is an accredited learning institution specialising in Training and Leadership initiatives, focused on the B-BBEE codes of good practice. Electrosonic partners annually with the SDC, who source and arrange placement of the students.

Electrosonic shares the vision of the Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA), which focuses on raising skill levels for sustainable growth, development and equity. It is part of Electrosonic’s core belief to take on the social responsibility of empowering people through education. The annual partnering with the Skills Development Corporation empowers these young disabled or unemployed South Africans with an education and hope for the future.

Before the induction, Bruce addressed the students and encouraged them to work hard as opportunities come to those who are diligent and persevere. They were very interested to hear about the industries that Electrosonic specialises in, and by successfully completing their Business Administration course, they could be given the opportunity to apply should an opening arise within the company.

“Electrosonic will continue to support SDC in this project, as we can see how SDC’s professional team go the extra mile with a whole lot of heart, to assist these willing learners. Motivational quotes are found on the walls throughout the premises, and a lovely canteen with special rates on snacks and food is available to the students. The training facilities are kitted out with modern equipment, and the classrooms are bright and sunny, with qualified facilitators who lead the way,” says Bourquin.

Through Electrosonic SA’s funding, SDC is providing the learners with accredited training and support during and after their course, often including placements which will set them up with a good foundation and start for their careers and future in general.

“Electrosonic SA is excited about the opportunities that this project opens up for these young South Africans. We understand how important having a skill is and would like to encourage all companies to participate in this Skills Development initiative. Contact the SDC to discuss how your company can participate,” Bourquin concludes.