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Kilowatt AV invests in ABSEN D2V panels

Thu, 01 Feb 2018 13:45

Like many others in our industry, Kilowatt AV’s chief operations officer, Neil Zaayman planted his seed in the scene via his passion for all things audio. Having studied at the Cape Audio College in 2003 to become a sound engineer, Neil began his career with a local company as an Audio Technician. Fast forward a few years, Neil’s love for the journey leading up to an event had begun to trump the operational side so he decided that he would take up a sales position in the company. The rest is history.

In 2012 Neil joined Kilowatt AV as the sales manager and from there became a partner in the business which is owned by Dillon Jearey.

Neil is currently the chief operations officer of the company and his role, besides keeping the company afloat, of course, is strongly focused on keeping his 50 staff and numerous clients happy. Neil smiles and says, “luckily we have a fantastic family here at Kilowatt AV which makes my job very easy.”

On purchasing ABSEN panels, Neil says that they had been toying with the idea of investing into LED for quite a while, but they felt the technology was still improving year on year. He needed a more corporate solution with a closer viewing distance of 6m. In October 2017, DWR Distribution hosted a Road Show in Cape Town where Kilowatt AV was the first company in Cape Town to see the ABSEN panels being demonstrated. When they saw the 2.9mm blackface, they were sold. The short viewing distance and the picture quality was far better than anything they had seen before on the rental market, and the selling price was incomparable.

We asked Neil his thoughts on the ABSEN panels: “The ABSEN panel itself is great. The assembly is easy, and the curving capability makes the product a lot more versatile. The panels fit together nicely, and you don’t see any gaps or edges once the wall is built. The picture quality is fantastic, and the black face makes a bigger difference than I thought it would. As an indoor screen, there are brighter screens available on the market, but the ABSEN panels are perfect for the application we use. With the pitch being so fine, you can build a much smaller screen, meaning we can upgrade clients with small venues and still have a great image”.

Kilowatt AV took possession of 200 panels on January 08, 2018. “The panels are already booked out until the end of March 2018 on multiple events. We have invested in more processors to break the screen up into many configurations, so we are able to do up to six solutions on one day,” he ended.