Sonus faber chooses Powersoft D-Cell504 to drive iconic SF16

Thu, 20 Apr 2017 10:31


Sonus faber, part of the McIntosh Group, has chosen Powersoft to provide the engine for the new Sf16 loudspeaker system, the first fully-integrated system of its kind.

Included in the three-year research and development programme for the Sf16 was the requirement for a high powered amplifier, and early into the journey the Vicenze-based company was enquiring about Powersoft’s D-Cell504, a compact, lightweight module consisting of power supply and 2-channel output stage.

Designed for easy integration, available power is 2x350W 4Ω, bridgeable to produce 700W on a single 8Ω load with great clarity. D-Cell504 has already provided the solution for a wide range of applications, from small-mid power professional loudspeakers to studio monitors, musical instruments, powered mixers and home cinema systems such as the Sf16.

“We were in contact with Powersoft from the very beginning,” confirmed Sonus faber’s R&D Manager Paolo Tezzon, “We were already aware of the D-Cell504 as the same module was used previously in another McIntosh Group product — the Wadia Intuition Digital Integrated Amplifier.”

In the case of the Sf16, the module’s 1400W specification matched the requirement. “We were looking for high power in a compact size,” stated Tezzon. “We also had the need for 4-channel DSP, and that is available in the module as well.”

With four channels needed to drive ten loudspeakers, Sonus faber specified two of the D-Cell504 two-channel modules, each run in single ended mode. While one drives the front-firing and rear-firing midwoofers, the other is assigned to the left and right front- and rear-firing satellites. For these satellites some passive crossover was also required along with the Powersoft DSP.

Aside from its 1400W output, Sf16 is at the same time an elegant and cutting-edge piece of furniture — “an entire stereo system in which you can literally ‘feel’ the atmosphere of your environment,” say the company. Its style is a nod back to the iconic ‘Snail’ — another classic speaker and subwoofer combination — reimagined as a complete all-in-one hi-fi system with wireless connectivity.

The power can be modulated since driver location can be adjusted, making it suitable both for relaxing alone of hosting a loud party.

Sf16 is powered with Sonus faber’s ‘Zero Vibration Transmission’, ‘Sound Field Shaping’ and ‘Stealth Reflex System’ technologies, owing the strong LF performance to the long throw, stiff aluminium / magnesium alloy cone, supported by an accurate mid-high section and possibly the smallest hi-end tweeter ever designed: the micro 1⁄2”.

The doubling of the midranges and tweeters for both front- and rear-firing enhance the sense of depth of the soundstage.

The DTS Play-fi Technology gives the freedom and flexibility to wirelessly play the music on mobile devices over an existing Wi-Fi network, with an app available for Apple, Windows or Android. It enables wireless audio streaming from popular music services, including the user’s personal music library.

Powersoft supported the process throughout, providing all necessary documentation for certification. Paolo Tezzon confirmed the high level of cooperation, reaffirming that D-Cell504 had more than met their requirement.