Live Events

MA dot2 for Ozuna

Mon, 29 May 2017 12:36

Latin American artist Ozuna recently started his world tour titled “Odisea”, which is the name of his latest album. Lighting designer Alex Soto’s first choice for lighting control was two MA dot2 XL-F consoles to control a set consisting of more than 100 fixtures.

Soto commented: “The dot2 is an amazing console to do any kind of show. It is fast to programme and easy to use. It is really an amazing console for a fast live show. We had quick access to the different kind of options of the fixtures and could create different types of effects in a short time.”

“We had the performance divided by scenes that took the audience to a unique experience”, continued Soto. “By this they could feel and live the music. All of this to show how much the artist has grown in the year and a half of his musical career.”

The lighting equipment was delivered by PRG Mexico.