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Green Hippo and MOBB Helsinki take it up a notch to Amaze Finnish Arena shows

Wed, 06 Dec 2017 16:24

Leading Scandinavian lighting creative MOBB Helsinki counted on a legion of Notch-loaded Hippotizer Media Servers to help deliver Finland’s biggest domestic arena production.

Profeetat is the project of Cheek and Elastinen, Finland’s two biggest hip-hop artists. Formed in 2016, this year the duo marked its rapid rise by selling out three arena shows in its homeland.

First filling the Turku’s Gatorade Centre and then maxing out two nights at Helsinki’s Hartwall Arena, Profeetat’s shows stacked up to be Finland’s biggest domestic indoor arena production, one to be designed by creative outfit Mobb Helsinki, headed-up by the Finish firm’s Ari Levelä.

The gear and personnel required to run the nights mounted up, and the lighting tech armoury included two Hippotizer Boreal Media Servers and one Hippotizer Karst Media Server to run the main show, plus a further two Boreals acting as back-ups. Add a pair of Kinect cameras, seven Live cameras, and a brace of GMA2 lights, and you begin to get the picture – as well as an awesome video presentation.

Continuing to up the numbers, MOBB Helsinki surrounded its Green Hippo line-up with 350 lighting fixtures, and a world-class PA system. And there was more, namely: 13 band members; 75 crew members; 16 riggers; 34 local stagehands per show; and 13 trucks for transport duties.

With the hardware, software and personnel in place, crucial to the ultimate success of the operation was the Hippotizer’s ability to integrate with Notch, the game-changing real-time visual creation tool that keeps up with your ideas. MOBB used Notch to boost, and add effects to, the live image feed. The team combined this feed with pre-rendered and pre-shot video content created in its studio, and used Kinect cameras to clone real dancers to screens.

With the stage set, video and visual design, and lighting design crafted by MOBB, this event was a collaborative effort, with a team including Oy Pyroman Finland, Sweden’s Laserimage AB, and Helsinki Rigging Co. Bright Finland handled technical production and logistics, and Roudaamo Event Warehouse was in charge of the stage.

“Hippotizer was the obvious choice for the Profeetat shows. It’s a reliable industry standard here in Finland, there are many rental partners, a good amount of up-to-date units, and well-trained people with good technical system knowledge. Also, the integration with Notch was impressive! Nice job Green Hippo,” states the MOBB team.