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Green Hippo helps HP Disrupt their Partner Awards

Thu, 25 Jan 2018 11:40

Disruption was the theme of the 2017 HP Partner Awards Evening, and this was continuously highlighted by HP Africa managing director David Rozzio. He emphasised this is what the company aims to do to the marketplace in 2018 through its strategies and new products. With this in mind, the team at Keystone Productions brought an idea to disrupt the generic awards evening format.

The herd of hippos running the show included 3 Boreals and 1 Karst all feeding 13 Christie LHD 700 7K Projectors. These projectors were used to map the 12 rectangular dinner tables from above with custom content. The 13th Projector was used for the presentations and video content for the Awards Evening.

Christopher Bolton from Keystone Productions knew he would have to call on others to gather their Hippos together to complete the heard. Staal from Visual Audio Productions supplied 1 Boreal and 1 Newly purchased Karst while Wilhelm Disbergen of Yellow Bunny Productions and Christopher brought 1 Boreal each to the Party. To our knowledge, this is the most Green Hippo Media Servers used on a single event in South Africa.“It was amazing to see the Green Hippo users in South Africa coming together to make this event possible” said Dylan Jones of DWR Distribution.

We asked Christopher how he came up with the idea and he replied “The concept to do multiple tables is something that we as Keystone Productions came up with a while ago. Finally, we had a client that wanted to do something special. Warren Liss was the Video Director and really created some spectacular content”. The intro to the evening involved animated plates and tablecloths followed by bursts of colour exploding onto the table surfaces. Each award category had a different content theme on the tables, and a random draw occurred ever so often with a bouncing ball across the different tables eventually stopping at a chosen winner.

We asked Christopher what he likes about Green Hippo, and he commented “Green Hippo just works, on this job in particular the system never let me down. The combination of the GrandMA2 and the V4 hippotizer software rocks. 39 active layers over 13 outputs with NO problem”.

We also asked if there were any challenges setting up the event to which he answered “As with some venue, things at times do not work out as planned, and one is faced with challenges. The venue’s ceiling height was only just high enough to fit the image on the table’s. We had a tolerance of 15mm in getting the structure up high enough to fill the tables proved challenging, but we got there in the end”.Christopher ended by saying “There was a great response from the people who attended the awards evening and most importantly at the end of it all a very happy client”.