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Harness the power of design thinking at Tide Conference, ISE 2018.

Fri, 22 Dec 2017 13:22

Design and creativity are an essential part of the AV industry. However, design thinking is not just a tool for designers. It’s a way to approach and solve problems by understanding human needs and creating solutions that meet them. But what approach do you take to design? How can the principles of design thinking drive your business and bring you closer to your customers?

Attend TIDE to contextualise the technology that you will see at the ISE trade show. Together with other creative and business professionals in the AV industry, go on a journey to learn how your business can harness the power of design thinking to develop a competitive edge. Explore the way design impacts every aspect of our business and hear from some of the most innovative minds about how they approach design.

Explore the creative side of AV with artists, visionaries, and innovators who are ready to share the dynamic results and incredible experiences that come from taking a closer look at the role design thinking plays in business. Join us the day before Integrated Systems Europe to contextualise the technology you will see on the show floor.

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