AV System Integration

Using ClickShare with MacOS X Sierra

Tue, 04 Oct 2016 11:45

Apple has just released its latest desktop operating system Mac OS X Sierra. To use the Barco ClickShare Button on Mac OS X Sierra, a new firmware will have to be installed on your CS-100, CSE-200, CSM-1 or CSC-1.

Software for CS-100 and CSE-200 was released on 27 September.

• Download software for CS-100
• Download software for CSE-200

Updates for CSM-1 and CSC-1 will follow in the next days.

iOS 10 compatibility

Barco teams are still working on an update of the iOS10 AirPlay. A temporary update which supports AirPlay on iPad is already included in the CSE-200 release just published, with a final solution also incorporating support for iPhone to be released in the next weeks. In the meanwhile, Barco recommends using the ClickShare app for iOS when already using iOS10. Devices that have not yet been upgraded to the latest mobile operating system remain fully AirPlay compatible.