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Robe LED Theatre Workshop in JHB

Fri, 14 Oct 2016 10:18

DWR Distribution takes pleasure in inviting you to attend the Robe LED Theatre Workshop presented by renowned international Lighting Designer, Andy Webb. The workshop will be hosted at UJ Arts Centre Theatre in Johannesburg on 9th November. There are two sessions and delegates are either welcome to join us from 9am to 12 noon or alternatively from 2pm to 5pm. The workshop is free of charge.

Freelance UK Theatre Lighting Designer, Webb, presents Robe’s LED Range of fixtures with the context of how to use these fixtures within theatre show designs while incorporating examples of productions he has designed. Webb explains why LED is so useful within his theatre designs, describing key factors such as Fan Noise (being super quiet), Power consumption (being able to link multiple fixtures together on power runs), Colour Mixing (having endless colour options and not just a single LEE colour filter or one of the noisy colour scrollers) and Heat (with the LED fixtures cool running the units stay cool compared to generic or discharge fixtures).

He also introduces different LED products and their key functions and technical specifications, and then relates that to application of the product within the theatrical lighting design.

The workshop starts at the opening entry level Parfect range and runs all the way up to the flagship DL7 range. In addition, other products which you may not have thought would be useful in a theatre production will be introduced with an explanation of how they can be used for a specific design.

Demonstrations will show the specific functions of products such as framing shutters, colour temperature and gobos that are useful for theatre. Delegates will also be shown different theatre positioning from Front of House, Overhead LX Bars, Back lighting, Side boom positions, and Front foot uplighters, and CYC washes.

The presentation will end off with an introduction to the latest products released from Robe, including the BMFL family, ColorStrobe, new Spikie and Linee.

While the course is free of charge, booking is essential for catering purposes. Kindly contact Amanda at or e-mail .