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Launch of new rental company Event Lighting

Tue, 13 Sep 2016 11:57

Pieter Rieck, Henry Jenkins and Wynand Veldsman

Event Lighting is a brand new rental company in Johannesburg offering lighting equipment to the industry. Event Lighting is a joint venture between Peter Rieck of Rieck’s Lighting and Henry Jenkins of Eventech, who together have invested in 12 x Robe Pointes, 24 x Robe Spikies, 48 x Longman F4 Up LED Parcans, all supplied by DWR Distribution.

“Rieck’s Lighting will operate as normal,” explained Peter Rieck. “I am still a consultant, a project manager and have my own clients to look after, while Henry remains the owner of Eventech, a rental company which supplies sound, staging, backline, structures and power.” Event Lighting is a new and separate company.

The collaboration came about after Eventech, who do not own any lighting gear, were continually hiring in equipment for events. “We were on the point of buying our own lighting fixtures when Peter and I started chatting,” said Henry.

The idea to start a separate lighting company made sense. Both parties had a need for lighting equipment and within a month Event Lighting was born. “When you know it’s going to work, it’s going to work,” said Peter. And Henry teases, “If we bring the lights back to DWR later it means it didn’t!”

The new company will be run by Wynand Veldsman who is well-known in the industry having worked at Eventech for the past year, and prior to that, at Gearhouse South Africa and at C&S in Cape Town. Wynand will keep his finger on the pulse, ensuring quotes go out, admin is kept in check and most importantly that the lights work hard!

With an aim to enter the market by catering for corporate events and shows, Event Lighting have purchased Robe Pointes, Spikies and Longman F4 Up LED Parcans. Also adding to the stock is a 180 Meters of trussing with all the rigging required for any event.

“I had a look at the Spikie at Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt and thought it was an awesome fixture,” said Peter. “The versatility is amazing. For a little unit, it’s so bright that it you can do almost anything.” The Spikies went out on their first event, The Queens Picnic at Melrose Arch, a couple of days after delivery.

“The Pointes have fantastic beam work, there is so much you can do with them and they have become an industry standard” said Henry. “As a new company, we can do a lot with the equipment we have purchased.”

Event Lighting is run by two individuals who are well liked and respected in the industry. “We just want to carry on doing what we do, service the industry and look after our clients. At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about,” said Peter. “And now we are able to offer a complete solution.”