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AV Stumpfl announces Theatrixx as new Canadian distributor

Wed, 17 May 2017 10:04

Duschinsky, Laframboise, Damoser, Tessier & Protte

AV Stumpfl®, the Austrian AV technology manufacturer, recently announced the Canadian company Theatrixx as their exclusive media server and show control distributor for Canada.

The Montreal based company distributes and manufactures technical equipment for the performing arts industry. Theatrixx Technologies also designs custom equipment that offers solutions for video, lighting, audio, power and cabling challenges.

AV Stumpfl CEO Fabian Stumpfl explains the context of the new partnership: “Coming from a country with a lot of mountains ourselves, we have always had a soft spot for Canada and its majestic landscapes. However, it was obviously not just the beauty of this country that made us look for a direct distribution partner, it was the vibrancy of the Canadian creative scene. Canadian companies are among the best in the whole world when it comes to finding innovative ways for using media server and show control solutions to create unique experiences.

“Theatrixx has a dedicated team of experienced and highly enthusiastic individuals with a deep understanding of AV technology solutions. We are confident that our media servers and related products will soon become much more well known in Canada, thanks to Jacques and his team.”

Theatrixx President Jacques Tessier comments on his company‘s decision to distribute AV Stumpfl media servers in Canada: “AV Stumpfl is a staple of quality and innovation. From the projection screens to the media server line, each of their products breathes passion and forward thinking. My team and I were impressed by their new product range, going from small media players to the incredible RAW Engine, but more importantly we saw partners as dedicated as us to empower creators and operators around the world. Furthermore, the road map for new products, recent investments and wonderful new talent joining the ranks, convinced us that AV Stumpfl represents definitely the future of media servers, picture sequence players and show control.”