Filmgear’s Hoist and Suspension Systems for TV studios launched at Movievision

Tue, 01 Apr 2014 13:41

Movievision is introducing new products from Filmgear.

Manual Hoist Control:

An LED hoist number display, single or multiple hoist selection & movements, up & down movement control by key pad panel, emergency stop button and controls up to 96 hoists.

Motorized Fresnel:

Uses the PWM (30k Hz) to control the forward & reverse movements, frequency converter for soft start & stop, uses the PID to balance the loading & the torque, it can keep the speed steady, precision sensor to check the movement position & transfer the signal to CPU immediately, according to different situations in studio, the LCD manual can adjust the travel distance & speed of Pan / Tilt / Focus.

Scenery Hoist:

The Scenery Hoist is a self-contained enclosure housing drive unit, consisting of 2 x Steel Wires and 1 x Steel Hook, the compact construction separates the moving parts & the electrical components, this product can be installed in a permanent fixed position or move along a rail.

Motorized Self-Climbing Hoist:

The Motorized Self Climbing Hoist is designed for TV Studio to control the vertical position of lights; speakers and other gear which can be hanged on the barrel of the hoist.

Scissor Lift:

Working Load: 40 Kg, Lifting motor: 3 phase/180W, Lifting Speed: 7 – 9m/min and Weight: 28Kg

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