Qatar College relies on Symetrix

Wed, 12 Oct 2016 09:50

Qatar College auditorium

The College of the North Atlantic Qatar (CNA-Q) is one of the most prestigious schools in the Qatari capital of Doha. Related to the famous Canadian public school of the same name, the College has celebrated the graduation of more than 4,000 alumni since 2002. Among its most impressive facilities is a world-class auditorium, recently refurbished with a full technical upgrade.

Taking place over the course of two years, improvements have been made to every technical system within the auditorium, from projection and lighting to the loudspeakers. The aim has been to create a venue capable of meeting a broad range of requirements. The auditorium now hosts spoken-word presentations, concerts by local musical acts and even touring theatrical productions.

But while the technology within the auditorium is impressive, regional systems integrator Audio Visual Technology (AV Tech) knew that the overall system had to be easy-to-use and completely reliable, to accommodate a wide range of users. "They wanted the system to be simple," confirms AV Tech Technical Sales Manager Mahmoud El Zein, whose dedication and hard work during the project earned him a personal letter of recommendation from the College. Knowing he needed to use the most trustworthy signal processing technology available, he chose a Radius 12x8 DSP from Symetrix.

"The entire I/O matrix within the venue, the routing of all inputs and outputs, is all through the Symetrix Radius 12x8," explains El Zein. "You can trust Symetrix; their systems simply don't fail." Also included within the auditorium are IC-Live FR Dual loudspeakers from Renkus-Heinz, Sennheiser microphones, and an Allen & Heath Qu-32 mixing console, all tied together by the Radius 12x8.

It's not the first time El Zein has deployed Symetrix processing for a prestigious Qatari project. "We have been working with Symetrix for more than three years now and I have used Symetrix products in mission critical areas of high-profile locations," he confirms. "You can count on them."