Renkus-Heinz selected for Baden-Wuerttemberg's State Parliament

Wed, 12 Oct 2016 13:28

State Parliament of Baden-Wuerttemberg

In mid-May of 2016, the headquarters of the State Parliament of Baden- Wuerttemberg completed an intensive three-year, €52.1m ($58.6m) renovation project. The renovation includes sustainability improvements, energy saving technologies, and new media systems and AV networking designed and installed by Aveo Konferenzsysteme GmbH. MediasPro Medientechnik GmbH worked together with Aveo to provide and commission the new audio system, featuring Renkus- Heinz digitally steered arrays.

In the plenary chamber two Iconyx ICL-FR arrays have been built into the back wall behind the committee. The line arrays' digital beam steering technology enables very precise focusing of multiple sound beams. Using only two line arrays, the sound coverage can be focused into the plenary chamber as well as the audience seating, while avoiding the ceiling, walls, windows, and other reflective surfaces. Two PN 212 double-12" subwoofers can be added for music and media performances.

Audio requirements elsewhere in the building are addressed by an additional IC- LIVE line array system, with MediasPro providing a pair of ICL-R steerable arrays for mobile use. These systems can also be complemented with two IC212S-R subwoofers for musical events.

In the Parliament building's conference rooms, eight CF-81-FR loudspeakers provide additional sound reinforcement. All loudspeakers are networked and controlled via Renkus-Heinz RHAON software systems.

The system has been exceptionally well received, reports Michael Voessing, MediasPro General Manager: "Our client particularly appreciated the great sound, precise focus, loudness, and low feedback of the Iconyx systems."