Australia’s WorshipCentre Christian upgrades with EAW

Tue, 23 May 2017 12:06

WorshipCentre Christian Church

WorshipCentre Christian Church, located in the Brisbane suburb of Carina, Australia, recently decided to upgrade their technology infrastructure with a new Eastern Acoustic Works sound reinforcement system.

Mitcham-based Production Audio Video Technology (PAVT), who had worked with the church before, designed the new system with Ipswich-based CPC Production Services handling the installation. The goal of the new system was exceptional vocal intelligibility, even coverage of the 1,000 seats while also controlling the energy generated by the full band and concert-style music offered during services.

PAVT Project Manager David Watson and Sound Designer Ben Clarke, recommended left-right hangs of EAW KF740 line arrays, each made up of six KF740 boxes. Each array was flanked by a QX564 point-source cabinet for side fill while six JF8 loudspeakers provided front fill. Four SB2001 subwoofers – ground stacked two per side, under the lip of the stage – contributed the low end that modern music styles demand.

The compact KF740 arrays are loaded with dual 2.5-in voice coil HF compression drivers and dual 8-in Concentric Summation Array (CSA) loaded MF transducers are integrated through a common horn that occupies the entire face of the enclosure offering astounding pattern control. EAW Focusing™ delivered via UX series processors precisely transitions from one system subsection to another while maintaining nearly perfect 90°control. The vertical output was tailored to match the requirements of the space via EAW Resolution™ 2 software.

The QX564 loudspeaker, utilized for side fill, has an ultra-efficient mid/high compression driver with a 45° (h) x 45° (v) constant directivity horn. Four Phase Aligned™ 12-in low frequency transducers arranged as vertical and horizontal pairs leverage beneficial interaction based on their spacing to extend pattern control well into the low frequency range. The KF and QX Series work together to provide the audience with a seamless worship experience.

“The room was wide open with plenty of flat, hard surfaces making it necessary to keep as much of the PA energy away from the walls and ceiling possible,” explains Watson. “EAW’s Resolution modelling software helped tremendously to ensure the system was optimally configured.”

Worship Centre Executive Pastor and CFO Tim Follett adds, “The EAW system provides accurate reproduction of speech and music extremely well. Our members are delighted with the upgrade.”