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JBL by HARMAN helps Kinnon Entertainment expand

Wed, 22 Mar 2017 10:24

Kinnon Entertainment

Colorado-based entertainment and event production company Kinnon Entertainment is reaping the benefits of their investment in JBL by HARMAN VTX Series loudspeakers and Crown I-Tech HD amplifiers. Kinnon Entertainment, which has a long-standing relationship with HARMAN Professional Solutions, purchased the system in June of 2015. Since then, the company has experienced exponential business growth and recently concluded a successful year of productions which included national concert tours, high-profile sports events and more.

Kinnon Entertainment was founded by live sound veteran Mike Blecha after purchasing a truck-mounted JBL VRX system from consumer audio company Cartoys. After installing additional subwoofers, Blecha used the truck he named Rolling Thunder to provide audio for small to medium-sized events. The VRX system was comprised of 8 VRX 932 loudspeakers, 6 SRX 728 subwoofers, 6 SRX 712 monitors and powered by Crown XTi 2000 and 4000 amplifiers.

As Kinnon Entertainment continued to grow, new opportunities to pursue larger event contracts led Blecha to purchase a JBL VTX system which would serve as a scalable solution for future business growth. Kinnon Entertainment’s new VTX system is comprised of 16 V20 line array elements, 8 G28 subwoofers and powered by Crown I-Tech HD amplifiers—2 4x3500 VRacks and 2 12000 VRacks. Kinnon is also using JBL HiQnet Performance Manager 2.0 software to configure their VTX rig. This new system has allowed Blecha to realize current goals for Kinnon as well as set benchmarks for continued success.

Blecha attributes part of Kinnon Entertainment’s continued success to the intuitive design of VTX. The new system has allowed the production team to become more efficient, train quickly and easily, as well as feel confident in their abilities to provide consistent, quality service to existing and prospective customers.

Kinnon just concluded a highly successful summer of productions which included sports events like the Never Summer’s Block Fest, snowboarding music and film festival and Summerfest Motorcycle Rally in North Dakota. They also produced an array of concerts at the Adams and Douglas County Fairs, Eastern Colorado Roundup country music fest, Bob Stock radio classic rock event and more. Blecha and his team are also working with local venues to create unique audio visual solutions.

“The next step for us is to get a VTX V25 rig in a semi-truck on tour with a band,” shared Blecha. “Kinnon Entertainment is one of only two companies in Colorado to have VTX V20, and no one has V25. We want to be the first. We also want to expand our inventory of VTX V20 Series elements so we can have two rigs for medium to larger events. It’s all about becoming more efficient, taking on more resume building gigs and continuing to grow. There’s no way we could do what we do without JBL systems.”