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First UK purchase of FACE 5 LED video screen system

Mon, 10 Apr 2017 11:47

Rob Sangwell and Dave Stewart

Bristol-based lighting and visual specialists Fineline Lighting ( announced today that it has made a significant investment in the new FACE 5 LED system from Martin Professional, becoming the first UK rental company to do so. Fineline Lighting’s purchase is made in anticipation for the beginning of Europe’s outdoor event season.

Although Fineline Lighting has been providing video screens to their clients for several years, they never previously carried LED screens. It was extremely important for Fineline Lighting to invest wisely so the team researched extensively before making their purchase.

“We were looking for a creative LED screen system that could fulfil many video applications, from Imag to large complex backdrops,” said Rob Sangwell, Managing Director, Fineline Lighting. “It needed to be of sufficiently high resolution and IP65 weather-proof for outdoor events such as festivals and sporting events. Based on the results of our exhaustive research, Martin came out on top.”

One of the most attractive features of the Martin FACE 5 is that they are not batch dependent, which will allow Fineline Lighting to cross-rent the panels. The updated P3 Processors are another element that appealed to the Fineline Lighting team because of its power, reliability and simplicity. Martin Professional’s support and backup was also key to the final decision in addition to having an existing relationship with the brand.

“It makes perfect business sense to invest in a brand which is trusted and recognized throughout the world,” said Stuart England, Head of Operations, Fineline Lighting. “The FACE 5 system is one of the best LED screens we’ve seen and we’re really looking forward to supporting our customers’ events.”

Fineline Lighting has already provided a small quantity of their 50 square metres of FACE 5 for the Snowboxx Festival in the French Alps. With the coming UK summer season, however, the FACE 5 system will be in full use with its first major summer deployment in late May at Love Saves The Day in Bristol, on both the main and second stage.

“Fineline Lighting’s investment in a FACE 5 system is a tremendous addition to their business as it will bring a completely new and enhanced experience for their customers’ audiences across Europe,” said David Stewart, Key Account Manager, HARMAN Professional Solutions, EMEA. “We are pleased to welcome Fineline Lighting to the Martin network, and look forward to working together.”

Fineline Lighting can be contacted at + 44 (0) 1275 871800. More information can be found on the website at