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[VIDEO]: Experience the Earthworks FW730 FlexWand in the studio

Thu, 07 Jul 2016 10:09

FW730 FlexWand

The Earthworks FW730 FlexWand is an ultra-versatile High Definition 30kHz cardioid microphone that takes just seconds to set up and can transition from drum overheads to guitar amp in a flash! This unique microphone is a boom, stand and microphone all in a single unit.

The two flexible goosenecks allow you to reposition the microphone for any instrument, and thanks to the Earthworks near-perfect cardioid polar pattern, you don't have to spend lots of time trying to find the sweet spot.

The FW730 FlexWand provides flat frequency response, a near-perfect cardioid polar pattern and 32dB of rear rejection (nearly twice that of conventional microphones). Say goodbye to leakage of other instruments at the rear of the microphone. In addition, the ultra-fast impulse response and highly accurate time coherency, the FW730 FlexWand delivers Earthworks' uncompromising performance and hyper-realism to whatever you are miking.

Features & Benefits

• Microphone, boom & stand integrated into a single, low profile unit
• XLR at base of microphone, with no visible cables above ground level
• Mic can be positioned from 1.5' up to 7' and anywhere in between

"We all hear about fast compressors and even fast camera lenses, but this is a fast mic, and I don't think a lot of people speak in those terms often enough. It's a small diaphragm, but the beauty of that is that it's not moving very much, which means all the transients in your top end information are going to feel so realistic, they're going to feel as faithful as you're hearing it in the room once you get back into the control room," said Matty Amendola.