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PLASA 2016: ETC premieres ColorSource Linear and celebrates 40 years

Fri, 02 Sep 2016 10:23

ColorSource Linear

ETC’s 40th anniversary celebrations continue, and the next stop on the global tour is London for the annual PLASA Show, at Olympia, 18-20 September.

On stand J40, ETC will debut a brand new product, the ColorSource Linear. Like the popular ColorSource Spot® and ColorSource PAR® fixtures, this new batten-style addition to the range uses a proportionate recipe of red, green, blue, with a twist of lime and an extra dash of red. This gives a richness only possible from ETC LED luminaires. With no difficult setup and round-the-clock support from ETC's Technical Services department, it's the right fit for any small or medium venue.

Visitors to the show will have the opportunity to meet the rest of ETC's budget- friendly ColorSource family, the complete, high-quality LED system for venues on a budget. ColorSource Spot and PAR luminaires create bright light with better colour than other four-colour LEDs, thanks to their unique RGB-Lime emitter mix. Available in two sizes, ColorSource consoles provide hands-on control with the ability to run effects, mix LED colours, control moving lights and play back cues. The ColorSource Relay wirelessly switches power and transmits DMX and RDM to hard-to-reach places. And, the ColorSource ThruPower control rack is a solution for transitioning lighting systems between tungsten and LED.

Additionally, ETC's stand will have a Gio® lighting desk on display, alongside the new Eos® Motorized Fader Wings and Eos v2.4 software – a combination geared toward the needs of programmers working in broadcast, music and live-event markets. The Motorized Fader Wings are designed to optimise the new features provided by the recent software update, including expanding the types of content that can be placed on playbacks and the types of controls and mapping that can be associated with them.

PLASA attendees can also see Cobalt® Programming Wings and Motorized Fader Wings in action together with ETCnomad. The tiny ETCnomad plugs into a computer, turning it into a lighting controller that can run both ETC Cobalt and Eos/Element software, giving programmers the best of both worlds. It's the perfect tool for on- the-go gigs or cramped lighting booths.

Furthermore, ETC employees are taking part in PLASA 2016’s seminar programme. Luke Delwiche will host his seminar OSClympics, providing an entertaining insight into how Open Sound Control (OSC) can help improve your shows. Meanwhile, Darren Beckley will feature on the panel of the seminar entitled Sadler’s Wells: new technology for the stage. Further details and registration for the seminars can be found at .

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