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LIVE at IBC: loop light invests in Wings Engine Raw

Mon, 12 Sep 2016 11:07

AV Stumpfl® announces that multimedia experiential and production company, loop light, will sign a contract to invest in Wings Engine Raw uncompressed triple stream 4K media servers from AV Stumpfl. The purchase extends the company’s existing media server portfolio to meet increased client requirements for ultra-high quality true-to-life shows.

loop light works closely with creative clients including agencies and production companies. “Video compression codecs can limit the artwork or final layout, but Wings Engine Raw makes it possible to play back their content as brilliantly as they imagined it, without any limitations and as it was meant to be played back; uncompressed,” said Matt Finke, founder and owner of loop light.

Wings Engine Raw pushes the limits of current video playback solutions by delivering up to 4 times uncompressed 4K60 playback at 60fps - a vital requirement for the best image quality.

“When the clients use the uncompressed file in their projects, the movements will not be restricted, the colours will be richer and each pixel will receive equal care and attention, so in terms of our investment, Every Pixel Counts,” said Finke.

Tobias Stumpfl, CEO of AV Stumpfl, said: “We are very excited that loop light has chosen to expand their business by using the Wings Engine Raw media servers. loop light is one of the largest companies working in a niche and their investment will open up so much potential for their clients.”